Gal*Gun Returns


Shooting game / Dating sim


Nintendo Switch

# of Players

1 Player


M (Language, Sexual Themes)

Release Date

Nintendo Switch
January 28th,2021

February 12th, 2021


Physical Version (Nintendo Switch only)
Asian Region Standard Retail Edition

Digital Download


※ This game is published by pQube in North America and Europe. Please check pQube's official website for more information about the release in those regions.

pQube's official website

Cancellation of the Xbox One release of "Gal*Gun Returns"

December 25, 2020

Today we would like to announce that we will no longer be releasing Gal*Gun Returns on the Xbox family of consoles.

As a remaster of the original Gal*Gun, we wanted to strive to ensure that we stayed true to the spirit of the first entry in the Gal*Gun series, and while development of the Xbox version was complete and the master ROM under review, it became apparent, after productive discussion with Microsoft, that we would be unable to ensure consistency of experience across all platforms.

As a result we have decided to re-focus attention to Nintendo Switch and PC for the upcoming release of Gal*Gun Returns.

We understand the disappointment from everyone who was looking forward to playing the game on Xbox One, and would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support. Please accept our sincerest apologies for this change in the planned release. We hope you enjoy the Gal*Gun experience on other platforms.
We look forward to continuing working with Microsoft on other PQube releases going forward.

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